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"..Reminiscent of Björk, say, but with a gritty, DIY sensibility, it's early days for ZOHARA – but these are promising signs."

Clash Music
I'm a singer\writer\composer\producer drawn from a variety of influences - from electronic music to experimental-pop and jazz.
Between 2012 to 2014, in my room in Tel Aviv, I produced my first album 'Growing up Anyways'. The album is made of 12 original songs and he's OUT (Nov 14th 2016)! Available on bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and more.

What people say?

"We reckon ZOHARA deserves to be up there in the charts and in the public consciousness. Whether she will though depends on the odd machinations of the music industry but she deserves it."

FLUX Magazine

What people say?

"Though there’s little currently known about ZOHARA, it’s clear she’s onto something special. The Israeli singer/songwriter has already recorded her debut album in her bedroom (though if you were none the wiser you could be tricked into thinking a full recording studio was used) but there’s little to be found of her music online. Whilst she remains somewhat of a mystery, the potential she’s currently showing is setting her up for a soaring career."

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What people say?

"A combination of heartfelt lyricism and a decidedly party focused sound allows ZOHARA to transcend social norms and expectations and produce a track of utter veracity."

Far Out Magazine

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